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Your membership begins with a free trial period for the product plus a $4.99 for S&H fee for the shipping and handling to enroll you in the program and receive your first 30-day supply. Two days before the free trial period end, you will be notified via email in order to inform you that your card will be imminently be charged unless you take action to cancel the trial. Two days later, you will be billed $85.00 per month plus $4.99 for S&H shipping until your membership is cancelled. Your monthly recurring charges will begin 14 day (10 + 4 day shipping) days after the initial $4.99 for S&H free trial. In order to cancel your membership, you must call and cancel your order before the 14 day (10 + 4 day shipping)-day free trial ends by calling customer service at 1 844 510-3833 during normal business hours or by emailing us at Once the monthly membership commences, you must call five days before the monthly cycle in order to cancel the next shipping and billing.